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Hyperpigmentation Laser Treatment by Dr. Nassir

Dr. Nassir is a Board Eligible physician who graduated from the Ross School of Medicine. He uses only the best hyperpigmentation laser treatment on his patients as seen in the video below.

Is laser treatment for Hyperpigmentation effective?

Skin pigment change from inflammatory stress and other pigmentation problems is easily done with this laser treatment for dark spots. See the results for yourself.

The simple term for hyperpigmentation is just unevenly pigmented skin, or dark skin patches. It happens when a part of your skin becomes darker or lighter than the area around it due to a larger or smaller amount of melanin than is present the rest of your skin. Hyperpigmentation can happen on the face, neck, legs, lips, upper lip, and anywhere else on the body for various reasons.

What is hyperpigmentation laser removal like?

Since hyperpigmentation occurs when the body uses a surplus of melanin while growing skin, breaking down the pigment removing the offending layer gives skin the chance to regrow at a more even coloration. Using the Cutera Xeo system gives our technicians the ability to customize the laser wavelength to your skin, allowing them simultaneously fade the skin color and promote healthy new skin growth.

How many sessions will laser removal take?

Different forms of hyperpigmentation require a different amount of sessions. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan that’s right for your body and your needs.

Is dark spot laser removal painful?

Sessions are relatively painless, causing only slight discomfort, and our team will be there with you the whole way, helping you manage the process and giving you advice on how best to help your body heal naturally.

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