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Acne Treatments

Dr. Nassir is a Board Eligible physician who graduated from the Ross School of Medicine. He uses only the best acne scar laser treatment on his patients as seen in the video below

Why fade my acne scars with lasers?

Scarring that is left behind after acne can be unsightly, and even result in changes in skin pigmentation in affected areas. These marks can be a constant reminder, even for those who did everything in their power to treat their acne. If you want to be free of these reminders, acne laser healing is for you.

How does acne scar laser treatment work?

Using special wavelengths of focused laser light, your technician targets the scar tissue or the discolored skin, removing the offending skin and allowing the skin to repair itself in an even, healthy way. 

 What are the results of laser acne scar removal?

The result is smooth, glowing new skin, replacing the old scar with brand new tissue that blends properly with the rest of your skin color.

How does the laser acne scar therapy process work?

Our experienced technicians employ state-of-the-art laser technology to fade acne scars and discoloration by resurfacing the skin. See for yourself in this video:

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