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Age Spot Laser Removal by Dr. Nassir

Dr. Nassir is a Board Eligible physician who graduated from the Ross School of Medicine. He uses only the best laser treatment for age spots on his patients.

What do age spots look like?

These flat little flecks of brown, grey or black on the skin vary in size and shape and can appear on the face, neck, chest, arms or really anywhere on your body that is exposed to the sun’s rays. Age spots, or liver spots, can look like single freckles and sometimes they look like patches of discoloration.

How does laser age spot removal work?

At Coast Skin Laser Center, we use high tech Laser Skin Therapy to break down the tan pigments in the age spot and to remove the top layer of skin. Your body then naturally heals itself, replacing the old with newer, healthier and cleaner looking skin.

How can I tell if I have age spots versus freckles?

Summary of Symptoms: Brown, tan or black spots, primarily found on areas exposed to the sun, face, arms, back of hands, upper back, top of feet. Spots are flat and oval-shaped. Generally small, but can be found in clusters.

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